About the Meetings

The Oakland Camera Club meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except December). Meeting dates and locations are subject to change, so check the calendar to confirm.

Meetings are free and open to the public. Photographers of any skill level are welcome.

Every meeting includes projected and printed competitions that are open to all members. Competitions are divided into two groups of accomplished and less-accomplished competitors.

If you're interested in making and sharing 3-D photographs, we encourage you to visit us at a club meeting.

Location & Directions

The Albany Community Center is located at 1247 Marin Avenue, Albany, California.

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Membership to the Oakland Camera Club is $20 annually. Membership benefits include:

  • Receive the club's monthly newsletter, the Panoram.
  • Enter your stereophotography in club competitions.
  • Display your winning competition stereographs on the club's web site gallery.

To sign up, contact the club or talk to a member at a meeting.

Next Club Meeting


Monday, January 22, 2018


7:00pm - 10:00


Albany Community Center, Albany, CA

Special Topic:


From the PSA: "The PSA definition of Creative is 'Altered Reality.' The image must obviously display a change in natural color, form, shape, or any combination of these three. Creative images are often montages (a blending or composite of multiple images). High Dynamic Range (HDR) images without further changes are not considered "altered reality."

Digital stereo images will be shown on the club's 3-D HDTV. Read about Preparing Digital Slides for details.